Kefu initially told us he was at OCA as he had left school and wanted to educate myself in the construction industry. He thought this was a perfect opportunity for me to better myself and also give me a sense of direction for my future.

Kefu’s programme of study, the New Zealand Certificate in Foundation Skills (Carpentry and Fabrication) (Level 2) programme finishes this week, 20th December 2019.

Has learnt how to use the hand and power tools at OCA.  The larger projects that Kefu made, as part of working with a team, have been donated or sold to the community. He has completed small projects as well, enjoying the hands on practical experience.

Research and finding information to complete the soft skills part of the programme has been good, he feels he has learnt a lot and gained more knowledge.

It has been easy to get along with the tutors and the mentors.  The engagement team and content of what the students are learning is different from school.  Kefu has liked the training and everything that is offered, which included the workshop and engagement sessions.  He already has strong cultural values because of his family but it has been good to develop new skills and new friendships.

Salimoni (OCA tutors) helped him the most in the workshop and made it easy to understand.  Kefu would consider Salimoni one of the better tutors that he has had through his education, with his hands-on approach and guidance.  Vave has been helpful as a mentor, supporting him in otherways, through study. Having tutor and mentor support has been good.

This programme has given Kefu more focus, he states he was doing nothing before enrolling with OCA.  He acknowledges his attendance is very good, way better than school.  He has enjoyed the content and how it is delivered.

He feels that being a student at OCA has helped him make good decisions, he always tries to be home early so he can be ready for course. He likes to be prepared and ready, so he is not mucking around in the evenings. Helped with behavior, has changed starting behaving better.

Kefu has enjoyed this programme and looking forward to level 3 in 2020. He is tracking to complete and would like to complete the level 3 qualification.  He believes the new routine and structure involved with study is also helping him get work ready.

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