Certificate in Foundation Skills ‘AKE’

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This programme is fees free for eligible students.

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Get the skills you need for your next step

NZ Certificate Level 1 – 60 Credits

This course is designed to help you find your strengths, develop new skills and build your confidence, so you can succeed in whatever comes next. Best of all, this is fees FREE* training with plenty of mentor support!

Duration and study options:

This course is available for full-time study for a total of 20 weeks.

Credits: 60

Entry requirements:

  • Must be 16 years of age or older
  • A New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident

Course topics:

  • Understanding barriers to learning
  • Learning skills and strategies
  • Setting realistic goals and expectations
  • Building relationships
  • Resilience and wellbeing
  • Next steps and opportunities

Teaching style:

This new Level 1 course is delivered in a culturally responsive workshop and learning environment.

What will I learn?

  • How to overcome personal challenges and barriers to learning
  • How to identify your own learning style, strengths, and areas for improvement
  • How to set goals using SMART principles
  • How to manage and resolve conflict
  • The principles and tools for developing resilience
  • Skills development and practice

How will OCA support me?

  • Flexible learning programme tailored to your learning style
  • Learn in a culturally responsive and inclusive environment
  • Wrap-around Whānau Ora support
  • Easy access to The Fono services

What will I walk away with?

  • A Level 1 NZQA-accredited qualification
  • An increased confidence and understanding of the expectations of employers and employees.
  • Be work-ready or step into further study.