Before joining OCA, David Taumoe’anga considered himself to be a normal kid looking for a future – but he was unsure of what to do.  He recognised that he didn’t do well at school, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his goal of gaining a Trade Certificate.

OCA’s New Zealand Certificate in Study and Career Preparation (Carpentry) Level 3 was the stepping stone David needed to an exciting career. Now he has a well-paid job with Citycare Water and is helping to support his family.

“OCA gets us ready for the future and enables us to reach our goals. It has made a huge difference to my future.” 

The Level 3 carpentry programme equipped David with the tools he needs for success. In addition to what he learned in the workshop and classroom, he developed leadership skills and was taught how to handle different situations. He now engages well with his peers and staff and has strengthened his confidence and communication. As well as getting David work-ready, the course dished up some unforgettable highlights, including the chance to be a student speaker at the 2019 OCA Graduation.

“Special mention goes to Vave Hifo who encouraged me every day. This was much appreciated, especially when I wanted to skip classes!”

Tutor Vave helped David by focusing on the end goal, telling him to “wait until the end”.

“Now I have a bright future with Citycare Water with opportunities to gain further qualifications.”

Turns out Citycare Water is as delighted to have David, as he is to be there. OCA recently received a call from David’s supervisor to say he has been most impressed with his behaviour, sound character, work ethic and eagerness to learn – attributes which earned David a pay-rise well before his scheduled performance review.

What’s more, Citycare Water asked if OCA has any more young people like David as they want to employ two more of our graduates!

Watch his story below.

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