David Taumoeanga’s message to fellow graduates, staff and guests at the OCA 2019 Graduation, in his words would be “short but sweet”

David is a graduate from OCA’s New Zealand Certificate in Study and Career Preparation (Carpentry) Level 3 programme and was invited to be a student speaker at the 2019 OCA Graduation.

Before joining OCA he considered himself to be a normal kid looking for a future for himself.  He recognized that he didn’t do well at school, but that hasn’t stopped him from reaching his goal of gaining a Trade Certificate in construction.

He acknowledges OCA for helping him achieve his goal.  He has learnt many new skills while studying within the level 3 carpentry programme.  Additional skills gained over and above the workshop and practical capabilities include leadership and how to handle different situations.  Engaging with peers and staff was enjoyable and has strengthened his communication.

The tutors were helpful and encouraging, offering words of support throughout the programme.

“Getting us ready for the future and enabling us to do what we want to do.”  Special mention goes to Vave Hifo who encouraged David every day, this was much appreciated, especially when he wanted to skip classes.

Vave helped David by focusing on the end goal, telling him to “wait until the end”.  David proudly notes “now I have an apprenticeship with Watercare”.

OCA received a call in late January, 2020 from WaterCare’s Areas managers to report that David’s supervisor has been most impressed with his work ethic and eagerness to learn. They are most impress with his behavior and character. His supervisors specifically asked OCA if there are more young people like David as they would like to employ two more graduates immediately.

David has been given a pay-raise well before his schedule performance review as an Apprentice. David thanks OCA for everything and as a graduate, it is a moment he won’t forget.

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