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Student Profile: Penisimani Sili


He may not have found the support he needed at high school, but after enrolling at OCA, Penisimani Sili (Peni) has become unstoppable. Happier and more motivated, the aspiring tradie now has some life-changing qualifications and a future fill of promise. “High school was ok, but it wasn’t working for me. It wasn’t benefitting me at all,” says Peni, who has completed his Level 2 Foundation Skills in Carpentry and is now working towards his Construction Trade Skills Level 3 certificate. “At school they focussed on the smart people and more support was given to them. The others were [...]

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Student Profile: Paea Uluaki


Never living anywhere for long created challenges for Paea Muli he lotu Uluaki, particularly at the schools he attended at the time. The 16-year-old Tongan’s family moved around so much, he never settled, creating problems with the various schools he was enrolled at. Having moved back down to Auckland from Northland, Paea’s mother enrolled him into a course at Oceania Career Academy. For the first time in his life, he’s enjoying the lessons. Born and bred in Australia, Paea was aged nine when his family decided to move to New Zealand. It was a major shift, but his family would [...]

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Student Profile: Kefu


Kefu initially told us he was at OCA as he had left school and wanted to educate myself in the construction industry. He thought this was a perfect opportunity for me to better myself and also give me a sense of direction for my future. Kefu’s programme of study, the New Zealand Certificate in Foundation Skills (Carpentry and Fabrication) (Level 2) programme finishes this week, 20th December 2019. Has learnt how to use the hand and power tools at OCA.  The larger projects that Kefu made, as part of working with a team, have been donated or sold to the community. He has completed small projects as well, enjoying the hands on practical experience. [...]

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Student Profile: Ivan Bakulican Tuita’ali’i


When Ivan Bakulich Tuita’ali’i decided conventional school wasn’t for him anymore, an uncle suggested the Oceania Career Academy would suit him better. Of Samoan, Maori and Croatian descent, the 17-year-old wanted to work towards an apprenticeship and a career in carpentry. “My uncle Nick said OCA was a good opportunity for me, to learn new things and get somewhere in life,” recalls Ivan. Although it has only been a few weeks since Ivan began studying with OCA, he’s already learned so much. Ivan says it helps that his course tutors at OCA are helpful. “They’re pretty friendly, easy to get along [...]

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